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SEMOA BHD is a registered company, limited by guarantee. The Company's official registration number is Co. No. 892622-P.


SEMOA BHD is governed by its own Constitution and supervision of a 7-member Advisory Board.

Charitable Works

1. Distribution of rice and clothes.
2. Building houses.
3. Medical check-ups.
4. Free tuition.
5. Free basic education.
6. Kindergarten.
7. Mini libraries.
8. Food Bank for the poor.
9. Hostels for school-going children.
10. Egg-laying chicken projects.
11. Fish ponds.
12. Vocational-training : renovations, buildings, wiring, etc.
13. Distribution of vitamins and supplements.
14. Contribution of toilets.
15. Helping the Orang Asli communities to market their jungle and handicrafts produce.
16. Hair cut.
17. Distribution of household cooking utensils.
18. Counselling troubled teens.
19. Financial assistance for the hardcore poor.
20.Shelter for pregnant mothers from the interiors while waiting for delivery.


SEMOA BHD's charitable works are supported by donations. The funds are currently kept at Maybank under the name SEMOA BHD. The A/C No. : 514208512959.

General Information Regarding The Orang Asli 

There are eighteen aboriginal tribes in Peninsular Malaysia. Their lifestyle is much influenced by the culture of Malay people whom they frequently come into contact with. They tend to be labelled "primitive" and "back-ward" by the larger ethnic groups. They are traditionally jungle-gatherers and hunters. Many today are engaged in farming. Some also work as labourers in urban areas. They believe in the existence of spirit-filled world supernatural beings, ancestral spirits and demons.

SEMOA's Involvement In The Orang Asli Plight

SEMOA is a non-profit organization (NGO) focused on improving the livelihood of the Orang Asli children through the Orang Asli Education Centre (OAEC). The school drop-out rates for these children have traditional been high, predominantly due to the lack of peer and family support, and due to the lack of pre-school education to help the transition into primary education. SEMOA, formally established in 2010, has been making in-roads in helping many young Orang Asli children discover their potentials in schools.

Description Of SEMOA's Orang Asli Education Centre (OAEC)

 The Orang Asli Education Centre (OAEC) is built on a 6-acre piece of land at Tras Raub, Pahang, acquired to accommodate Orang Asli children ( ages 5 and above ) from the interiors of Peninsular Malaysia and sending them to government schools. The 4-pillars of this Centre are :
      1. Academic Excellence.
     2. Vocational-training.
     3. Agriculture Cultivation.
     4. Animal-farming.

50 Orang Asli children aged 5-17 years old are currently enrolled at the OAEC for the 2012 school year. Kids below the age of 7 attend the kindergartens at SJK(C) Sang Lee and SJK(C) Tras, Raub while children at the various school-going ages go to the same school mentioned above and SRK Raub Indah, SMK Mahmud and SMK Chung Ching, Raub.

These children are cared for wholly by SEMOA staff, from daily meals, laundry, transportation and tuition. SEMOA hopes that these efforts will ensure that students stay in school until they enter a tertiary education system. The current cost of maintaining the OAEC is approximately RM 3000 annually per child.